OpenXCAP is an open source fully featured XCAP server. An XCAP server is used by SIP SIMPLE clients and servers to manage buddy lists and policy for subscriptions to presence or other type of events published using SIP protocol. OpenXCAP server works out of the box with OpenSIPS Presence Agent and is licensed according to the GPL version 2.


XCAP protocol allows a client to read, write, and modify application configuration data stored in XML format on a server. XCAP maps XML document sub-trees and element attributes to HTTP URIs, so that these components can be directly accessed by clients using HTTP protocol. An XCAP server is used by XCAP clients to store data like buddy lists and presence policy in combination with a SIP Presence server that supports PUBLISH, SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY methods to provide a complete SIP SIMPLE server solution.


The server is written in Python programming language and implements the following standards:

Complete Feature Set



The project is supported via this wiki collaboration system by AG Projects. To open ticket please Register first. The ticketing support system is available only for registered users. The support is provided on a best-effort basis.

For support please use OpenSIPS users mailing list


Authors: Mircea Amarascu, Ruud Klaver, Lucian Stanescu, Denis Bilenko, Saúl Ibarra

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