OpenXCAP is an open source fully featured XCAP server. The following features are supported:


  • Support for multiple domains
  • Integrated with OpenSIPS Presence agent
  • Full and partial XML document manipulation
  • XML schema validation
  • TLS encryption and digital certificates using GnuTLS library
  • Digest or basic HTTP authentication with support for multiple realms
  • Database passwords can be stored in an encrypted format
  • IP Network based Trusted Peers

Supported Applications

  • XCAP capabilities (auid = xcap-caps)
    Lists the capabilities of the OpenXCAP server.
  • Resource lists (auid = resource-lists)
    A resource lists application is any application that needs access to a list of resources, identified by a URI, to which operations, such as subscriptions, can be applied.
  • Presence rules (auid = pres-rules)
    A Presence Rules application is an application which uses authorization policies, also known as authorization rules, to specify what presence information can be given to which watchers, and when.
  • Presence rules (auid = org.openmobilealliance.pres-rules)
    A Presence Rules application compatible with OMA specifications.
  • RLS services (auid = rls-services)
    A Resource List Server (RLS) services application is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) application whereby a server receives SIP SUBSCRIBE requests for resource, and generates subscriptions towards the resource list. See the README file for more details about of the implementation.
  • PIDF manipulation (auid = pidf-manipulation)
    Pidf-manipulation application usage defines how XCAP is used to manipulate the contents of PIDF based presence documents.
  • XCAP directory (auid = org.openmobilealliance.xcap-directory)
    Lists the documents stored in the XCAP server for a given user.
  • Icon (auid = org.openmobilealliance.pres-content), filename oma_status-icon.
    Manipulate user icon for a given user and provide icon download capability from HTTP clients.

Custom payloads

  • Dialog rules (auid = org.openxcap.dialog-rules)
    Dialog Rules application is a private application modeled after Presence rules that uses authorization policies, to specify when dialog information can be given to which watchers.
  • Watchers (auid = org.openxcap.watchers, private application).
    This application returns the list of watchers from OpenSIPS presence agent.
  • Purge (auid = org.openxcap.purge)
    Delete all documents belonging to a user